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“My name is Chet Gold. I work here in the Museum of Modern Art. Welcome to the creativity lab at home.

Today, I will be giving you some affirmation art practices on mirrors. I always thought of affirmations like statements that you want to be true that might not necessarily be a present circumstance.

I’m capable, I’m worthy. I am deserving.

We could talk ourselves into or out of whatever we focus on whatever you want in your life, you can project and working on mirrors, helps me to reflect on where I am and where I’m going.

I kind of do these these line mirror portal, kind of things all with the core of self love as its guide. But yeah, I started I’m kind of writing words on mirrors, in terms of affirmations, like I love you Chet, you want to write an affirmation for yourself, it has to and it should be personal, because this kind of truth is yours.

So, once you write your affirmation that works for you, I think you say it, you say it and you mean it. And when I say mean it, I mean you want to channel that energy, the power in affirmations are the kind of claiming the claiming of happiness, the claiming of, of peace, the claiming of what I do want and then kind of living into that vibration and that energy.

So I give you this practice.

Before you get to permanent markers or paint, I would say try dry erase markers, because you could change the words and change the feeling or change the vibration that you want to look into.

I hope you found this encouraging and inspiring.

Please make something and share it with us on Twitter at MoMA learning.

Thank you”


Chet Gold

I am an artist, poet, and thinker. I am here to love and support all gold people through art, music, and guided meditations.

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