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Love Is the Leverage

Love is the Leverage is a collection of songs that is all about love and support. It’s inspired by these wild times that we are in. To find peace and to protect your peace.

Love is the Leverage is produced exclusively by Flowering Youth, featuring Like The Flower and Brittany Laurelle.

The album cover is a snapshot of reciprocity. My time at the MOMA gave me a different connection to Monet’s Water Lilies. The painting serves as a rejuvenating space for me. Helping me focus on the “why” I’m here, instead of stressing over the “what.

I got an opportunity to talk about the Water Lillies on the audio guide during the “Beyond The Uniform” program around this time last year. I met this amazing artist, Ariel Adkins (Artfully Awear), who painted the Water Lilies jumpsuit that I am wearing in the Art Speaks video and photos.

Photography by @ginatatianna

I hope this project inspires you to create.


Chet Gold

I am an artist, poet, and thinker. I am here to love and support all gold people through art, music, and guided meditations.

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