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Why We Gold

I just wanna be gold. I don't want a ego

I don't wanna be, One of these

wanna be’s. No, I just wanna be dope. 

You know what I mean, when I mean

dope.Dope I mean, Dopamine yo

Sunday, Domingo. Everybody know 

In el bario, I be Bilingual

Oro, Oro, Oro, Solido

Yeah, I know Gold

I done paved the road, Then I made the vehicle

Then I payed the toll, In the vehicle on a road that I paved it for

Just to say I ain't A fool And I know I ain't tho

Purposeful, Not focused on the surface.

I'm a portrait, imported. In a portal,

Important and I know I got you open

Don't front

I been forward, Since Rasheed

Played for Portland

Call it, what u want a But you gotta

Camcord it I only finger roll

Because it feels phenomenal

I never thought you knew

Until it was yah time to know

Until it is my time to go

I let em fall like dominos



Being gold, is about living towards this ideal.  It is a Philosophy and Mantra, something I am always aspiring to. To be Gold, to say that I am Gold, is to say that I’m from the first people (from Africa); to say that we’ve been here, to see myself In love.
My art, mirror reflection paintings, with the nose in the pyramids that reflects on that self loving and affirming way to think. My music and poetry are also about that self loving affirmation.
Being Gold is about the lessons and losses in my existence. When I say “We Gold” it is a call to the spirit, knowing that there is more than the eyes can see. Being gold and knowing that we are gold is the understanding, that the internal work creates the outside achievement. That it is about the IN not the Out, that’s about who you are, not what you are doing. 

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