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Virtual Views: Sculpture Garden at the MoMA

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The Virtual Views Intro video, to the MoMA sculpture garden, was a beautiful opportunity.

To share my love for the guests and staff at the Museum.

In the midst of this pandemic, gratitude has been an anchor for me. Sharing my appreciation for all the essential workers including my department was a fulfilling honor.

The Sculpture Garden is a special place at the museum, it’s the space where Art connects, with the natural elements of outdoors.

The sounds of NYC mixed with the peace of the Garden, makes it a magical environment. Check out the media featured in the Virtual views, I lead a Meditation for the sculpture garden. Namaste.

Listen to the Guided Meditation here.


Chet Gold

I am an artist, poet, and thinker. I am here to love and support all gold people through art, music, and guided meditations.

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