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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

This is a Beautiful Hip-Hop Project, exclusively produced by FloweringYouth. I am extremely proud of this work. It happened organically with the producer; he played me the beat for "Hit’em", I recorded the mumbles off my head. From that excitement, we moved to doing the project. We met up consistently for a few months, working on songs and the concept. It worked out fantastic. We released The project all on one track.

So here was my thinking; first off, the music is produced by the same person. so it doesn't necessarily have to be divided as different songs. Second, I thought it would be cool, like with vinyl records, how you can't just skip to the next song playing, forcing the listener to feel the whole I'm 15 minutes. I'm happy the FloweringYouth agreed with me, however, I learned I may have been too ahead of my time. I soon learned that this is an algorithmic nightmare. How do we track songs that people like when all the songs that you released are on the same track?

The truth is always the truth. Grand plans to re-release in early 2020 became delayed, because 2020 happened (aka COVID, etc.). I know that being grateful makes me great and this music is gonna last the test of time. I'm happy with the release of this website that you get to hear it, in the way that you can highlight whatever you like the most.

Personally, I work out to this album and maybe this album can help you push through whatever you're going through during these wild times.


Chet Gold

I am an artist, poet, and thinker. I am here to love and support all gold people through art, music, and guided meditations.

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